Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My "first" REAL quilt ... part 2

I ended my last post with 16 quilt squares that I had been prepped and were ready for the next phase of my project.  It was also 2 am and I felt as if I was at a natural stopping point.  
The next morning I woke up, enjoyed the snow for about 5 minutes, then went straight to my office!  I was so excited to get back to work. 

The first thing I decided to do was iron each piece and to go back and trim them to size.  I knew some of the cuts weren't the best since it was my first time using a rotary cutter.  So I took some time to really make everything line up nicely and be ready to move on to the next step.
Once I had them all trimmed, I decided to lay out the design and get an idea of what the quilt would look like.  
I really like how colorful it is.  Once it was laid out, I was able to match up the smaller rectangles that were cut 2x7 to go along on side of each square.  

At this point, I went back and ironed each 2x7 rectangle and trimmed it as well.  I decided if I had spent so much time making everything else look nice, there was n reason to start slacking now!
Sewing this was SUPER fast...mainly because it was a straight edge, unlike the design from the previous day!

Once I had all 16 pieces created, I laid them out again. This helped to piece the sides together, but also really motivated me to keep going because of how awesome everything was turning out! Apparently Dozer didn't share the same enthusiam!
Next I trimmed up the sides a bit, and then added on the 2x8.25 rectangle along the long side of each piece.
I absolutely LOVE how the color combos kept coming out!  So bright... so FUN!
I laid out the pieces one more time and was ready to start making my strips to make the final quilt topper.
And once all four strips were together, my topper looked like this.... yeah, I know, no surprise, but still LOVE IT!
When I took it in to show hubs, Dozer decided to lay claim to it for himself!
Again, this seemed like a natural pausing point for the night. Well, that, and I'm super nervous to figure out the "quilting" portion of this project!

Catch you next time when I dive in head first!

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